Songs You May Have Missed #113


Fairfield Parlour: “Bordeaux Rosé” (1970)

In a shady little hamlet of the musical world known as 1970’s British Folk Rock abides some very charming, pastoral, earnest work that barely registers in a world of in-your-face rap, risqué dance pop and indie eccentricity.

“Bordeaux Rosé” is two and a half minutes of a simple toast to the good things, and an invitation to the wine to do its work. I love four things about this song: its description of the Bordeaux’s effect (we are swimming far beneath the scarlet glow); the flute, introduced at 1:24 for a single flourish and never heard again; the understated presence in the mix of sitar and mellotron, two instruments that tend to be used rather heavy-handedly but here are tasteful garnishes; and the way the song transitions from 3/4 time in the verses to a 4/4 chorus with gentle dexterity.

Among the things that catch my ear in a song I love is a subtle arranger’s touch–the ability to see that a particular instrument or effect will enhance the song, coupled with the tact to say, “just that much and no more”. That gentility of arrangement serves to keep a song fresh to the ear, makes one want to listen again, and gives the music the shelf life of a fine French wine.

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