Madonna Bares Her Butt for Sandy Victims

(Reprinted from MSN Entertainment)

Madonna found a saucy way to raise money for victims of superstorm Sandy by baring her butt onstage as she asked for donations during her show in New York City this week.

The pop superstar went to visit relief workers at Far Rockaway in Queens on Monday to publicize aid efforts in the hours before she took to the stage for her MDNA show at Madison Square Garden. Madonna opened up about her experience at Rockaway Beach during the concert and paid tribute to all those who have stepped up to help in the aftermath of the storm.

She told the audience, “We … have to call attention to the fact that New York has been devastated by a hurricane and I think that people really underestimate the damage that has been done. The homes, the jobs, the livelihoods that have been lost. … There are many wonderful people, some of them here tonight, who have started amazing initiatives and have been giving help to people who have nowhere to live, who have no food and nowhere to sleep.

“A big thank you to all these people … I went down to Rockaway Beach yesterday with my children and we saw what was going on down there and we saw the destruction and it was really sad but we also saw amazing acts of humanity, people working hard, handing out food, blankets, giving love. … I wanna give a big thanks to those people too. We owe them a lot. New York owes them a lot.”

She took off her top to reveal the words “No fear” scrawled on her back and pulled down her pants, telling the audience “(I am) showing (my) naked a– for Hurricane Sandy victims” and encouraging them to throw cash donations at the stage. She added, “If you are going to look at the crack of my a–, you better raise some cash.”


Not even two days ago I tacked something up here about Bono’s ridiculously ineffectual fundraising efforts. Compared to Mad Madge though, that guy deserves a Nobel Prize. I guess we all do what we’re capable of doing. And Madonna’s specialty, in this her pathetic career downside, has become the flashing of what I’d be calling her “lady parts” if she were a lady.

Sad for two reasons: 1) after visiting relief workers to call attention to the hurricane’s devastation (thanks, we were completely unaware) this is what a cultural icon decided would be her contribution to the effort, and 2) didn’t she used to be a singer? Seriously, didn’t people once talk about Madonna for reasons related to music? Now she’s reduced to selling primarily nostalgia and sex. The phrase “If you are going to look at the crack of my a–, you better raise some cash” sounds exactly like a prostitute because that’s what Madonna has become.

Oh, and way to show your sensitivity to the human suffering.

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