Play Ball! Songs For the Start of Baseball Season

A few tunes to get you in the mood for baseball:

baseball project 2

The Baseball Project: “Past Time”

From this baseball-loving supergroup’s first album, Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails:

 dick allen

Chuck Brodsky: “Letters in the Dirt”

About being a kid and believing in baseball heroes. The last couple lines might put a lump in your throat.


The Baseball Project: “Harvey Haddix”

A tribute to the Pirate who threw 12 perfect innings, only to lose the game in the 13th.

new merkle

Chuck Brodsky: “Bonehead Merkle”

Amazing story of how the Giants lost the pennant in the strangest of ways in 1908.


The Baseball Project: “Don’t Call Them Twinkies”

Every baseball franchise should have an anthem this great written in its honor.

We don’t buy our titles/But we still won two World Series…


Pat Donohue: “Touch ‘Em All”

An homage to Kirby Puckett from Minnesotan Pat Donohue. The song took on an ironic second meaning when Puckett was accused of fondling a strange woman in a restaurant bathroom.


baseball project 3

The Baseball Project: “Chin Music”

Like an old time counterculture sing-along, but with a valid point about wimpy modern baseball.

We’re gonna get high and inside…


Bonus  Spoken Word Cuts:

Dan St. Paul: “The First Baseball Game”

Comedy bit from the Bob & Tom radio show.


Paul Schersten: “Ballpark Names Fail to Impress”

(from NPR’s All Things Considered)


Frank DeFord: “Aren’t We Tired of Watching the Pitch Count?”

(from NPR’s Morning Edition)


David Maraniss: Clemente: The Story of a True Baseball Hero

(from NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday)

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