Songs You May Have Missed #391


Solange: “Losing You” (2013)

Solange Knowles, younger sister of megastar Beyoncé Knowles (although rumors have suggested she’s actually Beyoncé’s daughter) is a singer of much more modest success than her sibling. Two LPs and one EP into her career, she has yet to chart a pop single in the U.S. Perhaps recording for a label named Terrible Records is tempting the hand of fate a little too much…


Still it’s not like Solange hasn’t released some interesting material. 2008’s “I Decided” topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, and follow-up single “Sandcastle Disco” was another dance floor hit, despite the lack of pop crossover success.

The most distinctive characteristic of Solange’s music is the hip infusion of throwback sounds. Her 2008 album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams was filled with  60’s and 70’s R&B cues (Motown, early Natalie Cole and Pointer Sisters) while 2013 EP True channels more of an 80’s synth-soul vibe. As for the single “Losing You”, it has the engaging sound of an early Madonna single.

Presumably we can expect a 90’s soul montage on her next outing?

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