Stevie Nicks & Don Henley Singing “Hotel California” Is The Duet You Never Knew You Needed


(via Society of Rock)

“Her Mind Is Tiffany Twisted…”

Written in 1976 and featured on the Eagles’ 1977 album Hotel California, “Hotel California” goes down in rock history as one of the most loved rock songs ever. Between its winding rhythms that remind you of cruising down a highway at sunset, windows down and wind in your hair and the two guitar attack from Don Felder and Joe Walsh, whose tandem solo makes us wish we’d written it every time we hear it, “Hotel California” is about as perfect as a song gets – or so we thought! In 2005, this Eagles classic became something larger than life when performed by former Eagle Don Henley as he opened for friend and ex-lover Stevie Nicks on her Two Voices Tour and was actually joined by Stevie herself for the second verse and beyond!

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