Sounds Like Fun DJ Service

…is a small group of wedding specialists in Pittsburgh, PA celebrating, as of the spring of 2018, 25 years in the business of enhancing great times with great music. We’re available for private functions of all kinds and pride ourselves on our ability to entertain diverse groups of people with the right mix of music. Contact us to inquire about a DJ for your wedding or other event.

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Sounds Like Fun DJ Service

Mission Statement:

            Our goal is to distill the history of popular music into a unique mixture that enhances mood, excites dancers, and evangelizes music lovers to new sounds.


            Why a mission statement for a disc jockey service? For a number of reasons. First, so you won’t confuse us with the “frustrated Rock Star” disc jockey. He’s the guy who feels he was born to hold a microphone and subject large groups of people to his dubious sense of humor and his “outgoing and crazy!” personality. The guy who doesn’t know the difference between running the show and being the show. If you’re shopping for a DJ, you may have seen his video. We want you to know our priorities and his are not the same; it may help you make an informed decision.

A second reason is to remind ourselves why we do what we do, and to help us check ourselves against our goals frequently. And thirdly, perhaps, it exists to assure ourselves—or at least to try to convince ourselves—that we’re not crazy for spending endless hours and too much money searching for the next song to fall in love with, and to help you fall in love with. Hey, it’s our Mission.

We love music. We love its visceral thrill, its emotional impact, and its spiritual transcendence. We love how music engages the brain, opens the heart, speaks to the soul, and shakes the butt. We have the entire history of recorded sound as our palette. No band, no matter how accomplished, can match the breadth of a DJ’s arsenal. We treat each event as a one-of-a-kind, stand-alone affair and help create an atmosphere, a “feel”, that is suitable to each. We understand the dance floor can be a fickle and fluid thing, and cultivate a symbiotic relationship with it, changing course instantly and endlessly if necessary. And we love showing off our “record collection”, because we think that the latest thing that moved us might move you too—head, heart, or butt.

We weren’t necessarily born with a jones for performance. But we were born with a gene for sharing the joy of music. To us, that sounds like fun!

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