Video of the Week: Dean Martin Does His Best to Make a Laughing Stock of the Rolling Stones

Crooner Dean Martin was the rat pack generation’s definition of a hip cat. But in this 1964 clip he proves how unhip he was to rock and roll with his ridicule before and after a performance by the Rolling Stones on ABC-TV’s Hollywood Palace.

After death-defying comedy trampoline act Larry Griswold performed later in the episode, Martin said, “That’s the father of the Rolling Stones. He’s been trying to kill himself ever since.”

Like many of his ilk and generation, Dino thought of rock and roll as a fleeting musical fad.

Perhaps the Stones’ booking agent should have reconsidered placing the band before such an ill-suited audience. Beatle supporter Ed Sullivan was a much more gracious host to the younger generation’s musical acts.

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