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Video of the Week: ‘Every Major’s Terrible’

Performed by Ben Miller. Lyric from Randall Munroe’s comic xkcd.

Original melody from Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Major General’s Song”, also parodied by Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements”.

Video of the Week: Who’s on Stage?

On a Lighter Note…

Video of the Week: Jim Stafford–’Cow Patti’

Another of Stafford’s finer moments.

See also: https://edcyphers.com/2016/12/02/video-of-the-week-jim-staffords-comedic-classical-gas/

Video of the Week: Jim Stafford’s Comedic ‘Classical Gas’

Jim Stafford gave us such 70’s novelty hits as “Wildwood Weed”, “My Girl Bill” and “Spiders & Snakes. He also had a knack for a performance that split the difference between comedy and musicality. From my father (a huge Victor Borge fan) I learned an appreciation of the comedic musician.

See also: https://edcyphers.com/2012/05/24/jim-stafford-performs-cow-patti/

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