Video of the Week: Stanley Jordan–Stairway to Heaven

I have no words to describe what this man can do. Nor am I musician enough to critique or compare what he does to other guitar greats. But I did sit back and enjoy the man’s God-given talent. Hope you do as well.


Elvis’ Underwear Auction: The King’s Stained Undies Hit the Block

Celebrity obsession has officially reached another level with the announcement that Elvis Presley’s dirty underwear will be auctioned off next month. As the BBC reports, the tighty whiteys were worn by Presley in 1977 to take away panty lines from his famous white jumpsuit.

Unwashed and rather soiled, estimates for what the briefs will go for have been around £10,000 or about $16,000 U.S. The undies will be auctioned at an Elvis Presley pop memorabilia sale Stockport, Greater Manchester.

The undies have been framed for display and come from the estate of Vernon Presley, Elvis’ father. Also for sale are some home videos and a well-annotated Bible that belonged to the “Hound Dog” singer.

For those of us stuck at home,the auction will be web-broadcasted by Omega Auctions’ website on Sept. 8. Presley died 25 years ago this month on Aug. 16, 1977.

(Reprinted from Spinner)


Another “Call Me Maybe” Lip Sync

Did we need another cheeky lip sync of “Call Me Maybe”? Yeah, I think we did. This one is courtesy of some U.S. Army soldiers stationed in Kunar, Afghanistan.

They had me at “USA Back 2 Back World War Champions”


Video of the Week: Hugh Laurie–Mystery

The English know two things about Hugh Laurie that many Americans don’t: one, he’s a funny guy, and two: he’s a fair musician too.

Oh, and another great talent: the ability to sound so American. How he does that is yet another mystery.


Most-Used Words in Rolling Stones’ Songs


Just one question: How can “Satisfaction” top so many lists as the greatest Rock ‘n Roll song of all time, but be only the Rolling Stones’ third-best song according to Paste?

Video of the Week: “Baby Got Back” Sung by the Movies



Songs You May Have Missed #167


Lily Allen: “Not Fair” (2009)

Lily Allen’s “Not Fair” is a genre-bender, as is its source album, 2009’s It’s Not Me It’s You. While the song and the album touch on country (nice Porter Wagoner bookend, by the way) it’s better described, I think, as “adult bubble gum”–definitely teeth-rottingly sweet, but pretty saucy on the lyrical side. So funny to be so taken by a song’s catchiness, then have that “wait–what did she just say?” moment. Good stuff.


See also:

See also:

Songs You May Have Missed #166


Mystery: “Between Love and Hate” (2010)

Mystery feature the vocals of Benoit David, who until recently was Jon Anderson’s replacement in Yes after Anderson experienced voice problems, until David’s own vocal difficulties forced the band to replace him in turn. Benoit, by the way, was discovered by Yes while singing in a Yes tribute band.

“Between Love and Hate” typifies the regal brand of prog rock that Mystery deliver on their excellent 2010 offering One Among the Living. For fans of long-form rock played with taste and relative restraint–without the metal overtones present in so much of today’s prog–this is a band to look into.

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Songs You May Have Missed #165


Skeeter Davis: “I Can’t Stay Mad at You” (1963)

A mostly forgotten trinket from the pop music moment just before the Beatles.

If we rightly think of the Mick Jaggers and Paul McCartneys as rock and roll royalty, what ought we say about Carole King, who was crafting perfect pop songs like this one several years before even they came onto the scene?

King’s often-covered “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”, as recorded by the Shirelles, became pop’s first number one hit by a girl group–in 1960. If you want a short clinic on great pop songwriting just listen to any version of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” and King’s own recording of “It’s Too Late” (with its jazzy sax solo). It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Granted, the sentiments of “I Can’t Stay Mad at You” are passe, but it’s charm is undying, like the innocence of a love story in an old black and white movie.

Songs You May Have Missed #164


Kelis: “Lil Star” (2006)

The R&B singer and rapper best known for “Milkshake” (search “Spock” on this site for a unique take) released Kelis Was Here in 2006, an album that debuted at #10 but sold relatively disappointingly. However, the album contained a Cee Lo Green-produced gem called “Lil Star”, which never charted as a single in the U.S. although it did peak at #3 in the UK.

Refreshingly not the usual subject matter of R&B diva fare (man-does-diva-wrong, diva-wants-ranchy-sex-as-much-as-man, diva-is-too-good-for-underachieving-man, etc. etc.) “Lil Star” finds the typically brash Kelis putting the sauciness (and vulgarity) aside in favor of actual humility. As she sings about her own imperfections and being a small part of a bigger picture in the verses, Cee Lo takes over in the chorus with almost-fatherly exhortations to “keep tryin’ and tryin'”.

Like I said, refreshing. And the fact that a song like this can’t be a hit in the U.S. is part of what’s wrong with R&B in the Nicki Minaj era.

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