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(Reprinted from The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge)

On March 29, 1979, Supertramp released their 6th album “Breakfast in America”. It featured four U.S. Billboard hit singles: “The Logical Song” (No. 6), “Goodbye Stranger” (No. 15), “Take the Long Way Home” (No. 10), and “Breakfast in America” (No. 62).
In the UK, “The Logical Song” and the title track were both top 10 hits, the only two the group had in their native country.
Breakfast in America won two Grammy Awards in 1980, and holds an RIAA certification of quadruple platinum.In France, the album is the biggest-selling English language album of all time, and the third biggest seller overall.
What was your favorite song of this LP?
Happy 35th Birthday to “Breakfast in America”!!

Video of the Week: A Date With Michael Jackson Minus the Music…

…is a creepy looking thing indeed.



Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Gilbert O’Sullivan and ‘Alone Again (Naturally)’

Of all the British songwriters who have followed in the wake of the Beatles, Gilbert O’Sullivan may possess the greatest gift for McCartney-esque melody and chord structure. His 1972 hit ‘Alone Again (Naturally)’, which spent six weeks at number one on the American pop charts, holds the same melodic melancholy of an ‘Eleanor Rigby’ or ‘For No One’ (though lyrically it’s perhaps a bit more on the maudlin side).

But O’Sullivan’s extensive catalogue contains many other sublime but less familiar tunes which also deserve a listen:

Here in a 2001 interview Gilbert touches on his ongoing love for the craft of songwriting, his appreciation of contemporary pop, his 5-year legal dispute against Gordon Mills (father of ‘Clair’, the inspiration for another of his hit singles) and another court case against Biz Markie:

Songs You May Have Missed #512


Michael Smith: “I Brought My Father With Me” (1994)

Michael Smith has a way of inhabiting the listener with his songs of droll humor and sentimental pathos. This love letter to Smith’s father falls into the second category, and is imminently relatable for many of us who “couldn’t say goodbye”.

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