Video of the Week: Liberace’s Jaw-Dropping ’12th Street Rag’

Video of the Week: A Night with Weezer

Weezer perform their new baroque pop album OK Human in its entirety along with a few classics.

Video of the Week: The Fab Faux Perform a Near-Perfect Abbey Road Side 2

Video of the Week: The Kings–Anatomy Of A One-Hit Wonder

Video of the Week: The Rise and Fall of K-Tel and the Problem with their Records

Video of the Week: 7 Tips to Perfect Sounding Vinyl Records–Handling, Cleaning, Playing

Video of the Week: First Drafts of Rock–“Ramblin’ Man” by The Allman Brothers Band (w/ Kevin Bacon)

Video of the Week: Trio Mandili–Kakhuri

In 2014, three charming girls from Georgia “blew up” the World Wide Web and became stars. This “fairy tale” began on the day when three friends, during a walk in the village, decided to sing a song. Tatuli made a self- video and uploaded it to the Internet. This video dramatically changed the girls’ lives. Within two weeks the video was watched by a multi-million audience.

The popularity of “Trio Mandili” is growing every day. Today the group has about a million subscribers on Facebook. Fans from all over the world watch girls’ creations with interest on the “Trio Mandili” Facebook page.

This is their latest video. It will probably not be the last you’ll see posted here.

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Video of the Week: Spirit (and friends) Rip Through ‘I Got a Line On You’

  • Randy California – Guitar, Vocals
  • Mark Andes – Bass, Vocals
  • Ed Cassidy – Percussion, Drums
  • Jay Ferguson – Guitar, Vocals
  • John Locke – Keyboards
  • Jeff Baxter – Guitar
  • Bob Welch – Guitar, Vocals
  • Joe Lala – Percussion
  • Howard Leese – Guitar Gary Myrik – Guitar
  • Neal Doughty – Keyboards
  • Jerry Jumonville – Saxophone
  • Curly Smith – Percussion, Drums, Vocals
  • Keith Knudsen – Percussion, Drums
  • Bruce Gary – Percussion, Vocals
  • Alan Gratzer – Percussion, Vocals

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Video of the Week: The Joy (and Pain) of ABBA

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