Video of the Week: The “Millennial Whoop” is Taking Over Pop Music

If you tend to think all top 40 music sounds the same, there are reasons for that. And one of the biggest is what product manager and musician Patrick Metzger recently dubbed “the Millennial Whoop”, a repeated alternating series of the 5th and 3rd notes in a major scale. It’s currently all over the radio and it probably won’t be going away any time soon.

Songwriters have begun incorporating tropes like this and the ubiquitous “hey!” into songs because they know they are already familiar to the listener from other hit songs, and that bit of familiarity helps to make said listener comfortable with the new song. It’s like a musical referral of sorts–the stranger who’s introduced to you by a friend.

Now you can turn those old concert ticket stubs into floor mats

floor mat

(via Consequence of Sound) by Collin Brennan

I’m not much of a pack rat, so I’ve always thought it’s a bit weird that some music fans save the ticket stubs from every single concert they’ve ever been to. A signed setlist is one thing, but a ticket stub is just a worthless piece of paper! Well, joke’s on me, because now a company called Lakeside Photo Works is transforming old ticket stubs into that most utilitarian of home accessories: the floor mat…

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Going to concerts regularly leads to a happier life, according to a new study


(via Consequence of Sound) by Alex Galbraith

Music journalists will have to find another scapegoat for their cynicism and general grumpitude. Turns out that most folks who regularly attend concerts report feeling happier about their lives overall, according to a new study out of Australia.

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New study finds link between collecting vinyl and being a middle-aged loner


(via consequence of sound) by Collin Brennan

Vinyl is back, baby. Take a look around at all the Record Store Days and limited LP releases that have popped up in recent years, and you’ll see the evidence everywhere. But hold up — are hipsters and nostalgists really powering vinyl’s unlikely resurgence? Not according to a new study by market research company YouGov, who analyzed data on 2016 vinyl sales in the UK and arrived at a much different conclusion: Vinyl collecting is mostly the province of middle-aged loners…

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Video of the Week: The Turtles Explain the Band Manager Travails of a 60’s Pop Group

15 Songs You Didn’t Know Were About Drugs

rolling stone

(via Rolling Stone)

by James Sullivan

One version of rock history could be told by the many songs that have been written about the alluring dangers of drug use. From “Purple Haze” and “White Rabbit” to “White Lines” and “Under the Bridge,” there’s a bottomless supply of popular music about cocaine, heroin, marijuana and hallucinogens. What follows is a sample survey of 10 songs that may not be quite as obvious as Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine,” the Velvet Underground’s “Heroin” or Brad Paisley’s “Alcohol” – but they’re no less about messing with your mind…

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Three Chords and the Truth–How Unrequited Love Turned Me into a Singer-songwriter

3 chords

(via purple clover) by Champ Clark

The first time I met her was at a mutual friend’s wedding. We were introduced. I asked her to dance. By the time our three-minute dance was over, I was in love. Deeply, madly in love.

It was the kind of love they write about in songs. That over-the-moon, head-over-heels, what’s-happened-to-me, everything’s-coming-up-roses kind of love. At age 53, I’d never felt anything like it before, though I’d been married and divorced twice.

She was much younger—21 years so, in fact—but we became friends. We spent time together. After a couple of months of this friendship, I told her I loved her, that I was crazy about her, that I couldn’t live without her. This was true. We were outside. It was summer. The moon was out. We kissed for a moment. Then she pulled away. She said she was crazy about me, too, but had a boyfriend who lived in France. I said I didn’t care and kept kissing her. She didn’t stop me, but she no longer gave anything back…

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