is the largest archive of Liner Notes on the internet. is an absolute treasure trove of artist and album information intended to help fill the great information void brought on by the music download era.

Music has never before been so readily accessible. But liner notes–the band bios, song credits, and artfully written plaudits for the music you love–are sadly a thing of the past, unless you’re an avid collector of reissues like this writer.

This is the kind of site a music lover can get lost in. Check it out.

Album Liner Notes

Music-Map: The Tourist Map of Music

Obsessive music fans, we think we’ve found your next rabbit hole.

Music-Map is a music discovery visualization tool which, when an artist or band name is entered, presents a network of other artists mapped out based (presumably) on proximity of relationship or similarity.

The flaw? It almost certainly lacks the authoritative credibility of, for example, the ambitious Music Genome Project® which powers Pandora’s music recommendation service. In fact (though the site provides little or no info on the sources of its recommendations) the suspicion here is that it is merely plugged into the “related searches” from a site such as

This would explain why KC and the Sunshine Band cozy right up against The Mamas & The Papas and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are the closest band on the map when you search The Beatles. Also, the cosmos surrounding The Mills Brothers contains the Texas Tornados and Donovan, yet the Ames Brothers are nowhere to be found. And Queen really doesn’t come to mind as the closest thing to Pink Floyd. And so on.

Methinks this is just another way to use Amazon’s “customers who bought this also bought” feature. But it does lay searches/recommendations out in visual terms, and splashes lots of artists on the page. So in that sense it’s arguably more practical, and definitely more fun.

Pop Sonnets: Creating Shakespearean Sonnets from Top 40 Tunes


What Song Was Number One on your Birthday?


Enter any date on the above site to find the #1 song on that date.

Recommended Site:


RainyMood is a website that plays a continuous loop of soothing rain sounds, which can be mixed with the music of various artists of your choosing. It can be a very soothing experience. Take a nap, meditate, or put the young ones to bed with it. Just don’t choose the Elliott Smith music unless you wish to flirt with suicide…

I’m partial to “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas:

Animusic: Mesmerizing Computer-Driven Music Animations

Animusic is an American company founded by Wayne Lytle which specializes in 3-D visualizations of MIDI-based music.

Rather than creating an animation to accompany a piece of music, the Animusic process involves first creating an animated model, which is then programmed to follow the commands of MIDI-programmed music–to “play” the piece.

To fully appreciate the mesmerizing HD video, be sure to watch it in full screen.

Other Animusic videos can be seen here.

DVD and Blue-ray compilations are available from their website.

The European Perspective Looks at the Top Prog Albums of 2012


The European Perspective is a place for fans of British and European progressive music to gorge. The site’s weekly podcasts can run between four and five hours, covering prog from its origins in the late ’60’s and ’70’s to the very latest releases.

I must warn you: if you’re any more than a casual fan of the genre you may find it hard to keep your visit to the site a brief one. It’s a rich listening experience full of diverse, interesting music you probably won’t be exposed to elsewhere. And all (as their name suggests) with a distinctively European perspective.

Check out their special year-end show, featuring their top 25 progressive rock albums of 2012 as voted by their listeners:


ELO Mix Baroque with the Beatles–And Other Treasures from Jeff Lynne Tribute Channel


Electric Light Orchestra’s live cover of The Beatles’ “Day Tripper” is from a 1974 live album called The Night the Light Went On (In Long Beach) which though recorded in the U.S. was, somewhat ironically, only released in Europe. Thus even loyal fans in this country have never come across this performance. 

Similarly to the band’s early covers of “Roll Over Beethoven” and “In the Hall of the Mountain King” this is another early example of Jeff Lynne’s fusion of classical music with rock and roll, later achieved more seamlessly on hits like “Livin’ Thing” and “Sweet Talkin’ Woman”.

Note Lynne’s sly amendment to the lyric, changing “she’s a big teaser” into “she’s a prick teaser” (probably what McCartney wanted to say.)

This and lots more great ELO tunes appear on the YouTube Jeff Lynne tribute channel movejefflynnelo with upgraded audio, and painstakingly synched with vintage videos. It’s a treasure trove for fans of ELO and Lynne’s previous band, The Move.


‘MajorScaled TV’: Minor Scale Songs Digitally Modified to Major Scale


What would minor-scale hits like REM’s “Losing My Religion” and Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” sound like had they been written and sung in major scales? Now we know. MajorScaled TV is a site where such songs are re-worked digitally into major-scale versions.

Now that killer on the road in the Doors’ “Riders On the Storm” doesn’t sound like such a menacing fellow somehow…


Sad YouTube: A Blog Devoted to Heartbreaking Memories and the Songs that Evoke Them

“Brian Hyland – Sealed with a kiss 1962″

“God this song brings so many memories to me.. This is the last song I heard with my brother the night before he died.. Than like if he was telling this will be our special song, This same song was playing when we were making arrangements for the funeral next day.. This will always be my brothers and my song..”

– thelma1212,

Mark Slutsky’s blog, Sad YouTube, is devoted to highlighting YouTube music and the comments it evokes–specifically the saddest, most poignant and nostalgic comments. Hard times, breakups, unrequited love and even separation brought about by death are all recurrent themes. It’s tearful reading at times, and the feeling of sadness heightened by a song is a familiar one to us all.


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