Quora: Why did George Martin make the Beatles rerecord “Please Please Me”?

(via Quora) Written by Matthew Russell

At the very early stage in their career that the Beatles wrote Please Please Me, Martin was very much the one holding all the cards. As the head of the label they were newly signed to and their producer, Martin was the one with the final say on what the band did in the studio, and he still needed to hear something special to convince him that the band were songwriters of the calibre they claimed- or at least aspired- to be. Martin and Parlophone were quite keen to have the band release How Do You Do It, written by songwriter Mitch Murray and later a number one hit for fellow “Merseybeat” act Gerry and the Pacemakers.

The Beatles hated the song (you can see why- they thought it was simplistic and a little old fashioned, and thought it would damage their credibility) but obligingly recorded it. Knowing that they needed to come up with something better in order to keep Parlophone from opting to release How Do You Do It likely spurred Lennon and McCartney on to work harder on their original material…

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Julian Lennon’s Afterlife Earth Day Message from Father Gave Him ‘Goosebumps for Days’

(via Yahoo Entertainment) by Lyndsey Parker

Musician, photographer, documentarian, philanthropist and author Julian Lennon is celebrating Earth Day this year with the publication of his third children’s book, Love the Earth, with profits going towards his White Feather Foundation. The organization, dedicated to the conservation of life by supporting the environment and providing clean water, education, and health to indigenous cultures, is named in honor of his late father, the Beatles’ John Lennon — and the younger Lennon tells Yahoo Entertainment that it was like he;d received a message from dad that made him realize he needed to stop “just being a rock ‘n’ roller” and “step up to the plate.”

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Songs You May Have Missed #636

Pet Shop Boys: “Home and Dry” (2002)

At the time of the Pet Shop Boys’ Release album’s uh…release in 2002, critics couldn’t agree whether it was the band’s death-throes or their brilliant reinvention they were hearing.

Time and continued artistic success (see their cracking 2009 Yes album for evidence) argue for the latter assessment.

Although this album saw the band move a bit from their typical electronic disco template to a more band-focused, guitar-infused pop sound (former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr appears on several songs) there’s a depth and maturity to the songwriting that marks the record as more than a mere staving off of stagnation. Yes, it’s a change. But it feels like growth, not desperation.

“Home and Dry” charted at #14 in the UK, where the band’s singles success extended well beyond the 80’s. Needless to say, it did not trouble the US charts.

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Quora: What if John Lennon were still alive?

(via Quora) Answered by Matt Linden

Hypothetical questions about The Beatles! My favorite. What if John Lennon was not assasinated in 1980.

1: At the time of his death he was in the preliminary stages of planning a tour to support the album Double Fantasy. Lennon hadn’t embarked on a proper tour since 1966. A return to touring would have been interesting.

2: He would have hosted Saturday Night Live. By all accounts John Lennon was a frustrated comedian. He connected with George Martin because of the producer’s association with the British comedy troupe The Goons. He was on the record as saying he would have been happier being a member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus than The Beatles. As a NYC resident Lennon hosting Saturday Night Live would have been a near certainty…

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On a Lighter Note…

Songs You May Have Missed #635

Mariachi El Bronx: “Norteño Lights” (2011)

A bit of tasty Tejano from the punk band with a double major, The Bronx–otherwise known (when they don their sombreros) as Mariachi El Bronx.

Seriously, how fun are these guys?

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Songs You May Have Missed #634

Julian Lennon: “Saltwater” (1991)

Julian Lennon had his brief moment of pop stardom, then seemed to disappear.

But in truth he never went away but has continued in relative obscurity, crafting the kind of music that evokes his father’s work, both solo and with a certain foursome.

Check out the gorgeous lament “Saltwater” for proof that Johnny’s son was and is a valid artist in his own “write”.

Quora: How was “Free as a Bird” by The Beatles Recorded?

(via Quora) Answered by George Paolini

It all started with a cassette version of the song recorded by John Lennon in his apartment in New York in 1977 …

To put a bit of context behind this time in his life, John was a homebody, taking care of Sean and baking bread. He was getting pretty good at the baking and apparently even thought about opening a bakery. Meanwhile, Yoko was investing John’s money in things like cattle ranches. Also, during this time, John and Paul had reconciled and had even considered, as a lark, taking up Lorne Michael’s farcical offer to pay the Beatles $1,000 each to reunite on Saturday Night Live.

So, given this period in his life, it is amazing he was still writing…

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