Songs You May Have Missed #145

pictures and

Pictures and Sound: “Forever to Reach” (2008)

As I mentioned in Songs You May Have Missed #12 (Blue Merle’s “Every Ship Must Sail Away”), some songs just have really tasty intros. I played the first 21 seconds of this song 3 or 4 times when I first heard it, just appreciating the tasteful way the artist raised the curtain on his song. It’s no coincidence that artist is Luke Reynolds again–the man I told you had moved on to other projects after Blue Merle’s only album. Pictures and Sound is Luke’s next project, and they bear a sonic kinship to his old band.

The third verse here always grabs me: Close your eyes right now and count to ten/You’re a different person than you were just then/And you’ll never get this chance again…It took forever to reach, and a moment to pass.


And it seems Pictures and Sound may not get this chance again either. This song has gotten fewer than one thousand views on YouTube, and nothing has been heard of the band since 2008. But if, like Blue Merle, their lifespan is only one album, I’ll be looking out for the next thing Reynolds does, as it’s sure to be quality stuff–with nice instrumental intros.

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