Hilarious Queens of the Stone Age Mockumentary: Secrets of the Sound

While working on their upcoming new album, Queens of the Stone Age take time to share a behind-the-scenes look at the process in this mini mockumentary. It definitely contains a Spinal Tap moment or two.




Songs You May Have Missed #267


Paloma Faith: “New York” (2009)

Talented Brit Paloma Faith has just released this album’s follow-up. The big-voiced newcomer writes or co-writes her own material and combines the soul chops of Winehouse and Adele with a more adventurous and contemporary blend of styles.

Faith has previously worked as a magician’s assistant, burlesque performer and actress. Perhaps this background contributes to the melodramatic flair of her music. She’s also a trained contemporary dancer with an MA degree in theater direction.

A Wreath of Franklins



Sad YouTube: A Blog Devoted to Heartbreaking Memories and the Songs that Evoke Them

“Brian Hyland – Sealed with a kiss 1962″

“God this song brings so many memories to me.. This is the last song I heard with my brother the night before he died.. Than like if he was telling this will be our special song, This same song was playing when we were making arrangements for the funeral next day.. This will always be my brothers and my song..”

– thelma1212,

Mark Slutsky’s blog, Sad YouTube, is devoted to highlighting YouTube music and the comments it evokes–specifically the saddest, most poignant and nostalgic comments. Hard times, breakups, unrequited love and even separation brought about by death are all recurrent themes. It’s tearful reading at times, and the feeling of sadness heightened by a song is a familiar one to us all.



Johnny Cash Holiday Message


There’s a Bustle in my Hedgerow

Pie Chart to Heaven


Epic Rap Battles of History: Einstein vs Stephen Hawking

Songs You May Have Missed #266


Andy Burrows: “Company” (2012)

After kicking around in bands most Americans haven’t heard of (like Razorlight, We Are Scientists, and I Am Arrows) British drummer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Andy Burrows offers up his second album as a solo artist, on which he played all instruments. This guy actually gets played on English pop radio stations. He’ll probably never get played on American pop radio stations. Yes, we won the Revolutionary War–but at what cost?

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Songs You May Have Missed #265

jo el

Jo-El Sonnier: Tear-Stained Letter (1987)

From an era when Country music’s banquet table served up a relative feast of diverse flavors comes Louisiana Cajun singer/accordionist Jo-El Sonnier’s top ten cover of Richard Thompson that actually beats Thompson’s original for raucous energy.

Lines like “she danced on my head like Arthur Murray/The scars ain’t never gonna mend in a hurry” and “my head was beatin’ like a song by The Clash/She was writin’ checks that my body couldn’t cash” are pure Thompson.

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