Songs You May Have Missed #282


The Roches: “Losing True” (1982)

For the uninitiated, The Roches are not a cheekily-named rock band but rather a trio of folk-singing sisters with the last name Roche who arose from the Greenwich Village scene in the late ’70’s.

Their third album, Keep On Doing, was produced (as was their second) by Robert Fripp, and features cameos from Fripp and fellow King Crimson band mates Tony Levin and Bill Bruford. “Losing True” highlights both the exquisite harmonies of the siblings and Fripp’s Guitar solo.

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  1. mvcoogan
    Jan 10, 2013 @ 20:58:13

    When did this come out Ed? I liked their first album (I think it was the first “If you go Down to Hammond” and the one where they introduced themselves, and I can’t remember what else…) a lot back in about 1981 or 2, but they never semmed to get as big as I was sure they would….
    This one sounds a little hypnotic…but so did King Crimson from time to time. I like them on your Christmas selections.


  2. Ed Cyphers
    Jan 10, 2013 @ 23:36:34

    Yeah, “Hammond Song” was on their first (1979) album. “We” is the song where they introduce themselves–cute.
    This is from their third album, in ’82 (I always post the year next to the song title).
    Yes, I highly recommend their Christmas album (I can still say “Christmas album”, right?). It’s called We Three Kings.


  3. Anonymous
    Jan 12, 2013 @ 13:38:08

    Oh, right. The year is right there.
    You’d think I’ve never seen this blog before…


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