40 Years Ago: Supertramp Blow Up with ‘Breakfast in America’

(Via Ultimate Classic Rock) by Jeff Giles

After toiling in obscurity with their earliest releases, Supertramp managed to score a few hit singles and albums during the mid-to-late ’70s — but they were only a warm-up for their sixth album, Breakfast in America.

Released in March 29, 1979, Breakfast found the band moving away from the more serious, prog-influenced fare that anchored records like 1974’s Crime of the Century and 1977’s Even in the Quietest Moments in favor of a more concise, radio-friendly approach that often emphasized the tongue-in-cheek humor of bandleaders Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson.

As Hodgson explained in an interview with Melody Maker later that year, “The songs on this album were chosen because we really wanted to get a feeling of fun and warmth across. I think we felt that we had done three pretty serious albums, and it was about time we showed the lighter side of ourselves.”

That didn’t mean Breakfast in America was all laughs, however; it was nearly titled Hello Stranger, due to a preponderance of songs about relationships broken by a lack of communication — a subject Davies and Hodgson knew well, given how poorly they were getting along during the making of the album…

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On This Date…


(Reprinted from The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge)

On March 29, 1979, Supertramp released their 6th album “Breakfast in America”. It featured four U.S. Billboard hit singles: “The Logical Song” (No. 6), “Goodbye Stranger” (No. 15), “Take the Long Way Home” (No. 10), and “Breakfast in America” (No. 62).
In the UK, “The Logical Song” and the title track were both top 10 hits, the only two the group had in their native country.
Breakfast in America won two Grammy Awards in 1980, and holds an RIAA certification of quadruple platinum.In France, the album is the biggest-selling English language album of all time, and the third biggest seller overall.
What was your favorite song of this LP?
Happy 35th Birthday to “Breakfast in America”!!

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