11 Songs That Have Been Called the Worst Song Ever


(via 11 Points) by Sam Greenspan

Creating the worst song ever is quite an achievement. (At least under the “it’s better to inspire hate than indifference” ethos.) Like, there have been so many songs. Just standing out enough to be in the conversation for the worst ever is tough to do.

These are 11 songs that have been called the worst song ever by a major publication or TV network. And most of them… yeah, feel potentially worthy. Although I DO have a lot of issues with a few.

And now, onto the worst…

  1. My Humps by Black Eyed Peas (named the worst by The Guardian, A.V. Club and Rolling Stone readers)It’s hard to say exactly when we hit Peak Fergie. Was it when her lyrics included spelling out “tasty”… but misspelled it “t-to-the-a-to-the-s-t-e-y”? Was it her modern twist on London Bridge, turning it into a sexual metaphor? Or was it in My Humps, a tribute to her lovely lady lumps? Man I miss Peak Fergie.
  2. We Built This City by Starship (named the worst by Blender)We Built This City is before my time, but I have distinct memories of enjoying listening to it in college. (Maybe after Homer sang it on The Simpsons? The episode where the Simpsons were briefly incarcerated and on the lam after Spring Break in Florida did come out around that time.) I think I liked it because I didn’t know it was terrible. It’s so optimistic! And it has that interlude where the radio DJ talks. Bad call, Blender.
  3. Friday by Rebecca Black (named the worst by the BBC)Friday remains one of the most fascinating moments in social media history. It’s going to be included in SO many theses on the rise, power and influence of YouTube over the next 30 years. But despite the inane lyrical content and transparency that it’s generically manufactured — I still don’t hate it.

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