Music-Map: The Tourist Map of Music

Obsessive music fans, we think we’ve found your next rabbit hole.

Music-Map is a music discovery visualization tool which, when an artist or band name is entered, presents a network of other artists mapped out based (presumably) on proximity of relationship or similarity.

The flaw? It almost certainly lacks the authoritative credibility of, for example, the ambitious Music Genome Project® which powers Pandora’s music recommendation service. In fact (though the site provides little or no info on the sources of its recommendations) the suspicion here is that it is merely plugged into the “related searches” from a site such as

This would explain why KC and the Sunshine Band cozy right up against The Mamas & The Papas and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are the closest band on the map when you search The Beatles. Also, the cosmos surrounding The Mills Brothers contains the Texas Tornados and Donovan, yet the Ames Brothers are nowhere to be found. And Queen really doesn’t come to mind as the closest thing to Pink Floyd. And so on.

Methinks this is just another way to use Amazon’s “customers who bought this also bought” feature. But it does lay searches/recommendations out in visual terms, and splashes lots of artists on the page. So in that sense it’s arguably more practical, and definitely more fun.

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