Songs You May Have Missed #33

say hi

Say Hi To Your Mom: “A Hit In Sweden” (2004)

Say Hi To Your Mom play ubersimple guitar-and-synth tunes that make Weezer sound like Steely Dan. They can’t, or at least don’t, sing on key. They’re not exactly pushing the musical envelope. But the lyrical point of view is amusingly skewed. And the melodies can be catchy. “A Hit In Sweden” just has a chorus I never get tired of hearing:

But it’s never been clearer, just dance in the mirror/And the party will look twice as big//And you can DJ if you bring that record/You said was a hit in Sweden.

If that brings a smile, you might like this band. If you think it’s stupid, well…of course it’s stupid. That’s the point.

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