Songs You May Have Missed #42


fun.: “At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)” (2009)

Well I had a feeling I should have posted this song a month ago. As it is I didn’t get around to it until their new album made its debut at #3 (last week) and the ubiquitous single “We Are Young” went to #1 (this week), stealing some of my hip cred in recommending this bit o’ honey from their previous album. This is a great little band that I almost hate to see blow up, ’cause instead of standing five rows deep at Mr. Small’s on June 15 I’ll now most likely be looking on from an additional 75 feet away at Stage AE.

There’s a touch of Queen in the compressed harmonies here, as well as the theatrical slow-down near the end (inspired by taking in Broadway shows during a NY visit I understand). In other words, this is a band who borrows from the right sources. When I heard them in ’09 I thought they’d be my little secret. But it’s great for the state of Pop music that bands like this are able make it big.

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