Top 10 Wedding Song Requests Ten Years Ago

Okay, so I don’t clean out my office as regularly as I should. Or ever, really. But today the neglect paid off because I blew the dust off of a binder containing some music lists that might have had a more practical use to me ten years ago, but today are good for a chuckle. So chuckle along as you read Mobile Beat Magazine’s 2002 Top 10 Mobile DJ Requests. And be thankful that we have Rihanna now (who’ll probably seem just as played out as “Old Time Rock ‘n Roll” in 2022).

  1. Electric Slide-Marcia Griffiths
  2. YMCA-Village People
  3. Cha Cha Slide-DJ Casper
  4. Love Shack-B-52’s
  5. Get the Party Started -Pink
  6. Amazed-Lonestar
  7. Brown Eyed Girl-Van Morrison
  8. Old Time Rock ‘n Roll-Bob Seger
  9. You Shook Me All Night Long-AC/DC
  10. Celebration-Kool and the Gang

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