Songs You May Have Missed #54


Until June: “Sleepless” (2007)

You’ll likely have one of two reactions to this song: either you’re going to like it, or you’ll find the distinctive high-register “oo-hoo-hoo-oo” backing vocal too annoying. As for me, I think that’s what makes Until June sound like something other than every other pop band today. Josh Ballard is capable of getting some real emotion across with that high croon.

june 2

Until June are categorized by some as Christian Rock but, having heard both their album and subsequent EP I can tell you it’s pretty difficult to pin them down as such from their lyrics; they certainly aren’t preachy. I tend to think of them as a rock band who happen to be Christians rather than a “Christian Rock band”.

The highlight of “Sleepless”, for me at least, comes in the very first sweetly melodic lines of the lyric:

Oh, when you were young/Did you ever love someone/So much you couldn’t bear the thought of losing them?

Gulp. Which of us hasn’t been there?

While this song never sniffed the American charts, it did go to #1 in Greece and #4 in Norway.

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