Songs You May Have Missed #83


Poco: “Rose of Cimarron” (1976)

If I were to assemble a compilation of my favorite 70’s country rock songs, this beauty would be the perfect leadoff track.

Poco rose from the ashes of Buffalo Springfield (Richie Furay and Jim Messina were members of both bands) to enjoy a 20-year chart run, despite many personnel changes.

Poco served as a sort of farm team for the Eagles, with both Randy Meisner and Timothy B. Schmit  moving on from one band to the other. In fact Schmit, who sings the verses here. replaced Randy Meisner in Poco in 1969, then in 1977 he replaced Meisner again, this time in the Eagles.

My favorite YouTube comment regarding this song follows:

“another arm of the Troubador days going the Eagles way, after Gram Parsons…its all good, all them boots and guitar dudes…..shit Im loaded”

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