Songs You May Have Missed #154


Skye: “Solitary” (2006)


I’ll let’s review and product description speak for me here, because it’s very nearly what I wanted to say:

Skye Edwards, former vocalist for trip-hop act Morcheeba, has a voice as smooth as silk. In fact, it’s as relaxing as a heavy sedative…Recorded with Daniel Lanois and Pat Leonard, the songs are slickly produced pop that tries to balance the line between adult alternative and jazzy electronics. The real star here is Skye’s distinctive, awesome voice–a cool and mesmerizing instrument, both strong and subtle at the same time… –Mike McGonigal

Product Description
Former Morcheeba singer’s first solo album featuring production by Pat Leonard (Pink Floyd, Madonna) and Daniel Lanois (U2). There is much that is familiar on “Mind How You Go” – the connection to Morcheeba, the beguiling quality of Skye’s voice, the potent melodies that bury themselves deep inside your brain, the cool elegance of her delivery. It’s a sublime collection of vivid songs that present Skye in an entirely new light.

Incidentally, Skye’s chosen name seems to have come from the initials of her given name, Shirley Klarise Yonavive Edwards.

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