Songs You May Have Missed #505


Lily Allen: “Somewhere Only We Know” (2013)

In other news you may have missed if you aren’t a pop Anglophile…

Lily Allen just scored a number 1 single on the British charts with a cover of Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know”, actually besting the band’s original, which peaked at number 3 there (#50 U.S.) in 2004.

After a three-year break from music, Allen has returned in a big way with two songs currently in the British top ten.

“Somewhere Only We Know” was featured in a Christmas advert by leading British retailer John Lewis, and the ad has been a runaway success there. Sales of a Hare and Bear alarm clock featured in the ad have exhausted supplies and the clocks are now selling on eBay for nearly three times the retail price.

The ad has surpassed 9 million views on YouTube….so of course, it was removed.

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See also:

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