Songs You May Have Missed #192


Stories: “Love is in Motion” (1973)

Stories had a number one hit with “Brother Louie” in 1973, a song that you probably either remember or you don’t know.

You see, there are two kinds of 70’s songs: there’s the “Take it Easy” kind of song, which never left radio playlists and resultingly many are sick to death of. Then there’s the “Baby Blue” kind, which were on the radio airways then but faded from collective memory. (For more such examples, search “Forgotten Hits” on this site for dozens of memory triggers)

“Brother Louie” was a ubiquitous four-minute piece of the soundtrack of the Summer of ’73. Kind of surprising then that the band responsible for it didn’t issue a follow-up single from the album that spawned it. And in truth, there were no more “Brother Louies” on the record, but there was this gentle little ditty that wouldn’t sound out of place on one of McCartney’s first couple solo albums–or one of Badfinger’s from the same era.

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