Songs You May Have Missed #208


Gilberto Gil: “Andar Com Fé” (1982)

Brazilian legend and Caetano Veloso collaborator Gilberto Gil’s sometimes political and topical songs led to his arrest by the Brazilian military and eventual exile to England, where his career continued both as musician and social activist.

“Andar Com Fé” is not one of Gil’s more subversive tunes, unless catchiness is a crime. It translates thusly:

I’ll walk with faith/Faith doesn’t usually fail

Faith is in a woman/Faith is in the coral snake, in a piece of bread

Faith is in the tide, in the dagger’s blade, in light, in darkness

Faith is in the morning, Faith is in nightfall, Faith is in the summer heat

Faith is alive and healthy, Faith is also about to die, sadly in solitude

Right or even wrong, Faith goes wherever I go, on foot or by airplane

Even those who don’t have Faith, Faith usually follows

Through yes and through no

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  1. Zack Cyphers
    Oct 29, 2012 @ 12:24:49

    Hey Da!
    You can use a handy tool called Google Translate to figure things like this out! See here:


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