Songs You May Have Missed #254


The Gourds: “The Education Song” (2006)

Some casually rendered yet solid wisdom from the front porch of the Gourds:

Those that know don’t close the door on those that don’t know

If ya been t’ college, ya got some special knowledge

Ya can share it with some children or some old folks too
Go ahead and share it, with all the people
That’s the best thing that you can do.

If you a mama, ya teach yer children
How to walk and talk, how to read and write
It’s fundamental, but ya must be gentle
You don’t wanna teach ’em up to fuss and fight

Those that have should not hide what they have from those that don’t have

Those that need should not seek to succeed in the stealing the seeds

If you need some help, just ask for help
You can’t know everything all the time
Just ask somebody, they should be willing
Address the ignorance and lose the pride

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