Songs You May Have Missed #273


Wishbone Ash: “Leaf and Stream” (1972)

Although it only peaked at #169 on the album charts in America, 1972’s Argus by Wishbone Ash has come to be considered the British rock band’s quintessential record.

Wishbone Ash were known primarily as a twin-lead guitar hard rock and boogie band, but one which dabbled in various styles. Then on Argus, their third record, they went full-on Prog with long solos, complex, suite-like songs, mellotrons, and medieval themes (song titles included “Warrior”, “Throw Down the Sword” and “The King Will Come”).

While “Leaf and Stream” is actually the album’s shortest track, as well as one of its mellower offerings, it certainly captures the atmosphere and reflective mood of what is a classic early 70’s album.

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