Songs You May Have Missed #276

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Mason Jennings: “Be Here Now” (2006)

Born in Honolulu, Mason Jennings moved to Pittsburgh with his family a short time later. Soon after that Minneapolis became his home. He wrote songs and made demo tapes, but eschewed record label offers in favor of self-releasing his first record in order to keep creative control. That first record, featuring only Jennings and his guitar, was recorded and re-recorded four times before he was satisfied enough to release it. Although his debut brought more interest from labels and led to a local performance residency, he remained an independent artist for several years.

“Be Here Now” is from his sixth album, Boneclouds, for which he finally moved to a major label (Epic). Although the arrangements are more filled out than on previous records, for the most part it represents a smooth transition from his earlier, more organic and stripped-down sound to one more suited for radio airplay–at least independent radio airplay.

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See also:

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