Songs You May Have Missed #313


Weezer: “Ruling Me” (2010)


Although Weezer fans’ patience is put to the test at times by their uneven output–not to mention confounding album art (such as titling an album “Hurley” after a character from TV show Lost)–Rivers Cuomo reminds us now and then that few in the business are his equal when it comes to the kind of glorious pop rock chorus that makes you want to crank it up and put the top down. (Even if you drive a minivan and not a convertible.)

To my ears this song shares DNA with the music of power pop founding fathers the Raspberries. With no disrespect to any current platinum-selling act, the fact that there’s no place on the current pop charts for this kind of pop speaks to our general musical impoverishment.

My favorite lines:

We first met/In the lunchroom/My ocular nerve went pop! zoom!

I’ve never observed such a beautiful face

Sweet lady/Don’t play me/If I am a knob don’t fade me

You can’t win the game if you pass the Ace

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