K-Tel Record Selector Commercial


…and some hilarious comments from YouTube viewers:

  • That’s great if you only have about 10 records. I hear this new invention called shelves works pretty well too…
  • I got one of these too as a gift but I hardly used it. It didn’t handle double albums well, and the slot that held each sleeve stressed the edge of the record and warped the vinyl. The records also did not rest completely upright but leaned against each other, causing further warping. The thing was a big heap ‘o fail.
  • Do you get the impression that problems were a little simpler back then?
  • Rec-ORD!
  • He lost me on “space age”.
  • That sure is a terrible collection of LPs.
  • Hahaha, I have like all of those records!
  • If you look closely, you can see the lead in the paint on the walls and the asbestos particles in the air. haha XD
  • This belongs in the hall of shame right next to the DVD REWINDER.
  • “Space-Age Design” I believe refers to the fact that it was design by NASA (obviously for the Apollo missions) to keep the astronaut’s record albums from floating all over the space capsule in zero-gravity, risking lives and damaging equipment.
  • “I sure hope I can impress Janey with my groovy HI-Fi, if i can only stop dumping my albums on the floor like a dork”
  • the ‘space age’ was in the early ’60’s. what the hell was wrong with standing your albums against a wall on the shage carpeting? I would’nt trust this idiot near a turntable.
  • This is the original “digital” selector, using any digit you care to use.

There are no less than three Tijuana Brass albums in his collection.

I’m tempted to say he’s a dork for this. But I have twelve.

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