Songs You May Have Missed #333


Fyfe Dangerfield: “When You Walk in the Room” (2009)

To quote a phrase I’ve uttered many times: God save us from people who like one kind of music.

It’s my firm and long-held belief that, since music is effectively the sound of our feelings, we ought to collect, and learn to appreciate, music as diverse as those feelings within us–to serve and accompany our many emotions and moods.

By that statement I don’t mean that we must become fans of jazz if we hate jazz, or learn to love the blues if we have an aversion to it. But we each ought to have somewhere to turn for contemplative music, joyful music, defiant and angry music, sad music, etc.–in whatever forms, styles or genres suit us.

Of course, being a product of particular and distinct influences like anyone else, I have my go-to music. Like comfort food for my ears, it’s the stuff I return to either to zone out and de-stress, or to re-center myself as a fan of music and remind myself what it means to me–or for many other reasons. Other music is more like a place I visit than the one I call home. It possesses a novelty, not in its style or sound so much as in the state of mind it induces or transmits.

Perhaps it’s because by personality I seem to like clearly-defined order and function, but my musical home base tends to be the well-constructed, the artfully-arranged, the tastefully rendered and the sophisticated.

And when I feel like stepping away from myself–venturing from my center, as it were–my ears might lead me to the land of lark, abandon and carefree expression.

That’s why when I first heard this song it didn’t really resonate with me. I wasn’t in the correct frame of mind for it to do so. On another day I heard it again and liked it–a lot. Quite literally, I was feeling it.

Fyfe Dangerfield, for this three and one-half minute span anyway, just doesn’t care. This is an exuberant expression of joy that overrides considerations of, say, singing on key. Exclamation marks mean more here than lyrics. The shout means more than what note, or even what word is shouted.

For me, it’s all wrong.

But it’s alright.

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