Songs You May Have Missed #354


Todd Rundgren: “Tiny Demons” (1981)

One of the more successful of Todd Rundgren’s adventurous studio experiments, “Tiny Demons” was included, along with “Time Heals”, on a 7″ single that came along with his 1981 Healing LP, much like Stevie Wonder included a bonus EP in his Songs in the Key of Life album.

Rundgren could be a confounding artist to follow: his singles were as “pop” as anyone’s, but were seldom representative of the albums from which they came. Therefore the masses tended to becomes fans of his hits without necessarily becoming fans of the artist. Conversely, his dedication to exploration of a wide variety of styles and ideas earned him a loyal cult following. All of his 70’s and early 80’s work is worth exploring, and treasures like this are to be found throughout.

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See also:

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