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Ian Anderson: “Calliandra Shade (The Cappuccino Song)” (2003)

Although Jethro Tull albums are written chiefly if not solely by Ian Anderson, his solo stuff tends to be a complete contrast. 2003’s Rupi’s Dance, as well as The Secret Language of Birds of three years earlier, appear to be more of an outlet for the laid-back, more acoustic work Anderson seems to increasingly enjoy recording and performing these days.

“Calliandra Shade”, as the album’s first track, is a perfect declaration of intent for such a pastoral record. It’s a song too inconsequential, too casual for a Tull album, and a perfect slice of Ian’s other side. Here he simply invites you to join him at his favorite table at an outdoor café, sip a designer coffee and enjoy the warm sunshine and loose conversation. It’s deliberately about nothing–the anti-Jethro Tull song. And it’s delightful.

I sit in judgment on the market square
I have my favorite table and I have my chair
Natives are friendly and the sun flies high
All kinds of crazy waiters, they go drifting by

Hours last forever in the Calliandra shade
Conversation going nowhere and yet everywhere
Kick off those sad shoes and let the bare toes tingle
Slip off that shoulder strapless and the thick black hair

Come, sit with me and take decaf designer coffee
Come, laugh and listen as the ragamuffin children play
Lame dog and a black cat, now they shuffle in the shadows
You got cappuccino lip on a short skirt day

Electric afternoon and shrill cellphones are mating
Lame dog is dreaming, dreaming of a better life
Where bed is fluffy pillows, table scraps are fillet mignon
Flicked indiscreetly by the lazy waiter’s knife

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rose
    May 02, 2013 @ 23:43:01

    It is pleasant listening music, and as with much “pleasant listening music”, it does not elicit the same… feelings as Anderson’s alter ego that most are more familiar with. Despite this, he’s obviously enjoying writing and I’m certainly still enjoying the listening? Good song and blog.


  2. Ed Cyphers
    May 03, 2013 @ 01:35:53

    It’s like muzak for Tull fans.


  3. Camii
    Oct 22, 2013 @ 02:43:28

    Thanks for that link!Don’t bother comnaripg Anderson to any pop celebrity. He is not of that ILK! Ian Anderson is and allways was grounded and down to earth …a long way from the musical celebrity. Although he deserves much more credit for his artistic endeavours than most, he has taken the high road and left the celebrity circus behind.The reason he has done this is because he always was intellectually head and shoulders above the crowd… he had his fun grew up and went on to other things. Allways a gentleman and allways thoughtfull I enjoy hearing him speak on any subject.


  4. Ed Cyphers
    Oct 22, 2013 @ 02:46:22

    I certainly agree Camii. He’s a gentleman and one of rock’s most articulate figures. Thanks for your comments and for reading.


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