Songs You May Have Missed #415


Tracey Ullman: “Long Live Love” (1983)

That Tracey Ullman would take on an old Sandie Shaw chestnut from 1965 seems particularly fitting, as Ullman’s shtick as a short-lived pop star was a revisiting of the sound and image Shaw epitomized 20 years earlier.

The multi-talented Ullman’s foray into retro girl-group pop in the mid ’80’s predated her later popularity as comic TV personality. Her musical legacy in America was that of a one-hit wonder, that one hit being the brilliant throwback pop gem and international hit “They Don’t Know”, a Kirsty MacColl cover.

But in her native UK she charted a total of six songs in the top 100 over a two-year period while recording for the punk Stiff record label. And as the infectious “Long Live Love” proves, Ullman had more than one fine musical moment before giving up her singing career.

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  1. Rose
    May 27, 2013 @ 01:43:07

    Not nearly as endearing as Sandie Shaw, but still a great cover. When are there going to be some Sandie Shaw posts? 😉


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