Songs You May Have Missed #481


Strawbs: “Benedictus” (1972)

This one’s pretty personal for me. Strawbs, who combined British folk with progressive rock then layered it with spiritual ponderings, are one of the most unjustly overlooked bands of the 1970’s and one of my handful of favorite bands of all time.

I was exposed to them at an impressionable age, and make an impression they certainly did. Songwriter Dave Cousins was never one to follow a prevailing trend or musical style. And his stuff is built on sturdy prose–a la Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull–that gives it a more timeless feel than much of his contemporaries’ work. Some classic rock just sounds…more classic.

The wanderer has far to go
Humble must he constant be
Where the paths of wisdom lead
Distant is the shadow of the setting sun

Bless the daytime
Bless the night
Bless the sun which gives us light
Bless the thunder
Bless the rain
Bless all those who cause us pain

Yellow stars may guide the way
All diversions lead astray
While his resolution holds
Fortune and good will will surely follow him

Bless the free man
Bless the slave
Bless the hero in his grave
Bless the soldier
Bless the saint
Bless all those whose hearts grow faint

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See also:

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