Songs You May Have Missed #483


Blackfield: “Jupiter” (2013)

If you’re getting the impression this blog has a crush on Aviv Geffen’s Blackfield project, you would be correct.

In all honesty, the newly-released Blackfield IV is the most uneven Blackfield album yet, and could have benefitted from more of Steven Wilson’s input on the songwriting front. The Porcupine Tree frontman had been a greater part of the first two records, on which his influence showed in the form of more guitar in the mix. With the past two albums seeing less of Wilson’s participation due to his solo projects, the songwriting has been 100 per cent Geffen, who also seems to also be winning most of the arguments about the arrangements, which more orchestral pop than guitar rock.

This isn’t all bad though, especially for fans of the mellower side of Pink Floyd and the ELO of “One Summer Dream” and “Strange Magic”. Geffen readily cites both bands as influential of his dreamy, orchestral pop sound.

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