Recommended Albums #61


Southern Culture on the Skids: Countrypolitan Favorites (2007)

In 2007 Southern Culture on the Skids took a break from recording their distinctive brand of hillbilly surf rock originals to have a go at some of Nashville’s chestnuts from decades past, as well as a few straight rock artifacts.

culture 2

Now, not only am I typically not big on cover songs, but I happen to be a particular fan of the original versions of songs like Lynn Anderson’s “Rose Garden”, the Byrds’ “Have You Seen Her Face” and Roger Miller’s “Engine Engine #9”.

But Rick Miller’s guitar work, Mary Huff’s vocals, the ripping arrangements and the band’s winsome charisma only add more layers to love.

Yeah, it would be easy to say this isn’t your bag, because chances are you’re not in the habit of listening to “toe-sucking geek rock” as Miller and company describe themselves. But whether you remember the original versions or not, these are deservedly timeless tunes and Southern Culture’s versions are not only credible, they are a blast.

Listen to: “Oh Lonesome Me”:

Listen to: “Wolverton Mountain”

Listen to: “Rose Garden”

Listen to: “Have You Seen Her Face”

Listen to: “Engine Engine #9”

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See also:

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