Songs You May Have Missed #529


Zach Sestili: “Christy” (Year Unknown)

Thanks to a recently posted bit of archival video we’re thrilled to present a second piece of the early musical history of a dear friend, Mr. Zach Sestili aka Zach Pendulum.

All I know or recall about “Christy” (I hope Zach will correct me if I’m in error) is:

1. It was written at around age 16 for a high school crush and, despite playing it for her one day in school, Zach failed to win the girl.

2. By the time I saw Zach perform this song a few years later he had altered (and improved) the melody of a portion of the bridge section (“…and it makes me wonder, what do you need but a guy like me”) but though this video captures the song at an earlier stage of development it’s still more than worthy of the share.

3. Originally that bit of lyric was written as:

Christy, you have everything/And it makes me wonder, what do you need with a guy like me

But, ever one to take an optimistic point of view in his songs, Zach changed the single word “with” to “but” to give the lyric a more hopeful slant.

I keenly miss living in the same city as Zach. He was, and is, the kind of artist I’d never miss the opportunity to see perform. But I’m glad to have seen him up close on the occasions I did–it was simply mesmerizing.

As is the case with the song we previously presented here (“When the Lashes and the Stars Fall”) Sestili’s obvious writing, arranging and performing talents shine through despite the limitations of the original audio sources. If “Christy” and its accompanying video pique your interest, check out the “Lashes” post, wherein we gush at length about this guy’s gifts.


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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Zach Pendulum Sestili
    Apr 27, 2015 @ 20:56:55

    It really wasn’t a crush at all: it was more like an infatuation with a 15-year old Half Native-American graceful lady with thunder-thighs. I was about 16, so I guess that makes it okay.

    Coincidentally, years later my Mom told me that Christy was working at the Ice-cream shop my Mom was managing, at the same time I had already made a new recording of the song. That recording was not good either; though it was more effortful than this first one. Christy and I had a good laugh as I gave her the new tape.

    That tape is buried along with the rest of what I have stashed, and I was hoping to get them all out to listen to this summer. Seems that, as always, I have to wait until one of my literature publications renders some financing, so I can get back to work musically.

    Thank you so much, my dear friend, for putting this song on your list. When I do finally get a final mix, of course you’d be among the first to know.


  2. Ed Cyphers
    Apr 27, 2015 @ 23:06:00

    Yes, please break out that stash soon. I believe that good things come to we that wait…


  3. Anonymous
    Apr 28, 2015 @ 14:53:47

    This is excellent! Dad, did you deliberately paraphrase his own lyrics in your reply? If so, nice work.


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