Happy Birthday Mike Pinder

pinder 2

(via The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge)

pinder 1Mike Pinder, a founding member of and the original keyboardist for The Moody Blues, is celebrating his 74th birthday today. He is especially noted for his technological contribution to music. When the band was first together, Mike took a day job at Streetly Music. Streetly was the distributor of the Mellotron. The Mellotron is a keyboard that uses tapes of different sounds and ‘bends’ the sound to sound like different instruments.

Mike was able to get a used one from his employer and got rid of the tapes of things like chickens and roosters and added more tapes of violins, cellos and other stringed instruments. Mike introduced the sound of the Mellotron into The Moody’s music.

Mike is also the guy who introduced the Mellotron to John Lennon and even was involved with a couple of The Beatles recordings for which he was uncredited. (For a while, The Moody Blues were managed by The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein).

Mike’s work was one of the biggest contributing factors to the sound of The Moody Blues.

Mike left the group following the recording of the band’s album, Octave, in 1978.

Happy Birthday Mike!!! Your influence was incredible!

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