On This Day in 1970…


(via The College of Rock and Roll Knowledge)

The Who’s drummer, Keith Moon decided to go to the Red Lion Pub in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK on Jan. 4, 1970. Keith went with his wife and some other friends. Keith’s friend and driver Neil Boland, drove them in Keith’s Bentley.

The people in the pub were more working class than Rock Star class (some say it was a skin head crowd). They started giving Keith and his friends trouble so they decided to leave. The crowd moved outside and started throwing rocks at the car and started rocking it. Boland got out of the car to try to cool off the crowd. However, Keith got scared and decided to make a get away by driving the car himself. What he didn’t know was that the crowd had pushed Neil under the car. The car ran over Neil and dragged him for a ways, killing him.

Moon was arrested and charged with a number of crimes. 6 weeks after the incident, Neil’s death was ruled accidental.

Neil’s death continued to bother Keith until his own death.

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