Guster’s Groundhog Day Concert Prank


From Guster’s email newsletter:

Right before our show tonight in Kansas City, we had an idea.

Since it was Groundhog Day, we decided we’d take the stage using “I’ve Got You Babe” by Sonny & Cher as our walk-on music. That’s the song that was playing on Bill Murray’s alarm clock every morning in the Groundhog Day movie. A pretty clever reference. We could have let the idea end there.

But we didn’t. We decided we would remember the exact gestures we made when we took the stage (for instance, Ryan took off his sweater, threw it to our monitor guy, and said “Good Evening” twice into the microphone) and then started playing the first song on the set list, “Diane.”

After the last song in the set, “This Could All Be Yours,” we walked off stage, only to return for an encore a minute later, with “I’ve Got You Babe” playing again. Ryan’s sweater was back on. We all behaved exactly as we did at the top of the show. Ryan threw his sweater to the monitor guy and said his Good Evenings. Then we launched into “Diane” again. We thought we were so damn clever. Ryan explained the joke to the crowd because the crowd needed the joke explained to them.

This probably feels like a strange way to start one of our email newsletters. I haven’t even said the word Gusterrhoids yet. But this is the kind of esoteric joke that keeps us going in our twenty fifth year as a band. Esoteric jokes and dumpster sets. Let the record show that when the Foo Fighters do the same gag next year, we did it first.


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