10 Hidden Images on Album Covers

(via mental floss)

by Rudie Obias

cats 2

4. Def Leppard // Retro Active

Def Leppard’s Retro Active features a 19th century woman sitting at a dressing table staring at a mirror. If you look at the cover at a distance, you can see a skull made up of the woman and her reflection. Artist Charles Allan Gilbert’s 1892 painting All is Vanity was Def Leppard’s inspiration for the album cover.


8. Harry Nilsson & John Lennon // Pussy Cats

Recording artist Harry Nilsson teamed up with John Lennon to produce Pussy Cats in 1974. The album cover features a rug under a table with two block letters—”D” and “S”—flanking it.  If you sound out the puzzle, it reads, “D-rug-S” or specifically, “Drugs under the table.” This was an inside joke during Lennon’s “Lost Weekend” era, a drunken and drug-fueled 18 month period between 1973 and 1975.

Read more: http://mentalfloss.com/article/58886/10-hidden-images-album-covers

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