From 1 Million Copies to 460; the New Rules of Being a Million Seller


(Reprinted from The International Society of Music Snobs & Elitists)

The RIAA has announced its new qualification process for an album to achieve the coveted Gold, Platinum or Diamond status.  Basically now, to appease the laziness of the music buying public and the lack of talent of those assumed to be ‘artists’, your record can easily become gold or platinum by basically not having to sell a single album, as we just witnessed with Rihanna’s latest flop, ‘Anti’.  In fact, as the new rules were announced, 17 albums automatically achieved gold and platinum status for doing absolutely nothing!

The new rules were ushered in on Feb.1, in order to “…recognize the benchmarks of success in an evolving music marketplace”, says CEO Cary Sherman.  The benchmarks of success today, are something totally different to the standards issued 60 years ago.  The new qualifications allow albums to garner the awards from people simply listening to a song.  With the new rules in place, a band doesn’t have to sell a single unit.  1,500 streams of any said song or video by any band equals 1 album sold. 150 streams equal one single download.  Original guidelines were based on actual sales; 500,000 units =Gold, 1 million = Platinum, 2 million plus = multi-Platinum, 10 million = Diamond.

The rules have been changed for the industry and artists to be able to have bragging rights for lackluster achievements.   Now they’re hoping that nearly 40% of the Top 200 sellers will be able to qualify for at least a gold status.  This is the “cautious” route the RIAA has chosen in order to preserve the “integrity of the process”…

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