Amazon Cloud Player’s Major Fail

cloud player

Just a week ago we reprinted this article calling out Apple’s iCloud Music Library for its failings as a custodian of your music collection. Now Amazon Cloud Player is evaluated by Music Plasma and, similarly, deficiencies arise:

(via Music Plasma) has been diligently watching the heated competition between Apple, Amazon, and Google as each tries to provide their best “music in the cloud” offering. Each has its own pros and cons. After a thorough analysis of all of the available reviews and specifications, decided to test out Amazon’s Cloud Player Premium since it appeared to offer the best solution for the majority of our visitors. For $25/Yr, Amazon claims to do the following:

  • Store 250,000 of your songs online
  • Stream all of your songs from a web browser or iPhone/Android app
  • Allow you to download and or stream any of your matched songs in MP3 format at 256K bit rate
  • Upgrade any low quality songs it can match to 256Kb bit rate quality
  • Import songs and playlists from Windows Media Player and iTunes

If Amazon could execute on these tasks, it would surely be the superior cloud music offering. Unfortunately, it comes up woefully short on the last 2 bullet items. We conducted a very realistic test which involved importing a typical user’s music library consisting of about 12000 songs and 50 playlists into Amazon’s Cloud Player Premium. Here are the results…

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