This Day in Music: The Stones Unleash ‘Some Girls’


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Some Girls saw the Stones back with a bang, on an explosive mission to show the world’s ‘new punks’ who was boss. Playing faster and dirtier than men of their age should, the Stones pulled out all the stops, invigorated by the provocations of these new upstarts, (most of whom had grown up on the Stones anyway).

Unleashed on the public in June 1978, the album’s cheeky artwork immediately landed the boys in trouble. Designed by Peter Corriston, who had had a run of eye-catching album covers, (Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti, Rod Stewart’s Sing It Again Rod), its elaborate die-cut design featured The Rolling Stones in garish drag alongside select female celebrities and lingerie ads…

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A great album, great comeback, and a great response to the late-70’s punk movement.
With a little disco, a little country and a little R&B mixed in, this was also one of the band’s most diverse albums.
Even if you’re a fan and know the hits, but have never listened to this classic all the way through, you really should. It’s a staggering accomplishment and IMO the band’s last truly great LP.

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