Songs You May Have Missed #592


Eggs Over Easy: “Nonnie Nookie No” (1981)

From their 1981 Fear of Frying LP. Eggs Over Easy were the overlooked American band who essentially invented what is known as pub rock in the early ’70’s and influenced acts who would achieve greater prominence working the formula.

Their 1972 Link Wray-produced Good ‘N’ Cheap album and their Monday night residency at a London club called Tally Ho gave birth to the pub rock movement and influenced the punk scene that followed.

The band had subverted the club’s jazz-only policy by convincing management that they were a jazz band and asking to play on the club’s slowest night. Soon they were playing three nights a week at Tally Ho and attracting capacity crowds that included artists such as Nick Lowe, Graham Parker and Elvis Costello. Huey Lewis and the News were also greatly influenced by the Eggs.

Having returned to the US, they ended up touring in support of arena rock acts such as Eagles and Yes, ironic since the pub and punk rock movements in England they’d helped create were directly antithetical to the music of the megarock bands.

Eggs Over Easy’s legacy and music are getting a justified reappraisal thanks to a newly-released compilation.


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